Corações - Brazil
Corações - Brazil

Corações - Brazil

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Producers: Cafe Três Corações Group
Process: Pulped Natural
 Altitude: 1200 m.
 Variety: Mundo Novo, Catuai
Tasting notes: Milk Chocolate, Honey Molasses, Cashew

Corações was grown by multiple small producers in the unique rolling hills in the south eastern portion of Minas Gerais, Brazil. Coming from one of the highest altitude coffee production regions in Brazil, Corações is rich with a surprising complexity. The pulped natural process also lends this coffee and incredible sweetness.

Pulped Natural processing is a method that removes the outer skin of the coffee cherry to expose the fruits flesh. The coffee bean is then allowed to dry with the fruit still on. This "middle ground" processing method produces a sweeter coffee than the standard washing process while remaining less fruity and floral than most full natural processed coffee.